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Monday-Friday : 09:00 am to 07:00 pm
Weekend : on appointment
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Restaurant des Potiers : une cuisine d’actualité faite maison

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Presentation :
In an authentic, but culturally changing, you will appreciate this small restaurant, located opposite the Museum of Potters. Also, showroom for known and less known artist, every week you will discover new works.

The welcome is friendly and warm, which will make you feel at home.

Saint-Quentin-la-Poterie is a small picturesque village. It takes its name from a martyr of Picardy, Quentin de Vermand and the large number of potters on site. This village is part of the historic region of Uzège (around Uzès).

Typical of our beautiful region, this essential detour known especially for its crafts and ceramics, but not only …

Other places are worthy of interest: Museum of Mediterranean Pottery, Museum a century of caravans, Château des Fouzes

Proposals, formulas:
The chef offers French cuisine, with fresh, seasonal and local products, balanced dishes that will delight the taste buds but also your eyes. We invite you to opt for the menu entry + dish + dessert, it is the best choice, but other options are of course possible for the less greedy:

Single entry 15.50 €
Starter + main course 23.50 €
Starter + main course + dessert 25.50 €
Dessert 4.00 €
or without formula the (best) dish of the day 19.50 €
Children’s Formula 10.00 €
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